Bedroom Interior Design Ideas for Teens

Is your teens bedroom located in a small room and you could use some help with interior design ideas? First, and most importantly, teens like to spend time in their own rooms, and if the space is small, you'll benefit from knowing a few decorating methods that will make your teen appreciative of their special place.

Tip #1: Eliminate the clutter to make the room appear bigger.

When a small room has large pieces of furniture that are juxtaposition with not even one inch of extra space, your teen will feel uncomfortable and cramped in the room. When a room is small and there is no design for storage, then clothes, books, papers, and things of all kinds tend to get piled up on top of each other; clutter is the result.

Tip #2: Choose wall colors that will make the room feel more spacious.

To create the illusion of more space, you don't have to use light-colored paint or wallpaper. You can use monochromatic decorating schemes, or various hues of one color family. Or, you can paint one wall blue and another wall green, which will create an equal intensity of calmness. Likewise, if you decorate with light-colored furniture and accessories, the space will feel bigger.

If using color seems scary to you, then here are a few design hints. When you paint two of the walls a light color and two of the walls a deep color, the deep-colored walls will look as if they're farther away than the light walls.

Paint that has a blue-gray color to it will make the room look as if the walls are receding; thus giving the impression that the room is larger than it really is.

The cool colors of purple, blue and green will also make a small room appear larger.

Tip #3: Consider using the principles of Feng Shui to decorate your teen's room.

Simply stated, Feng Shui is a method of placing furniture in such a way that it allows the chi (energy) to easily flow throughout the room. For example, a bed would be situated away from the door to give the room a bigger appearance.

There are many design advantages to the Feng Shui approach. If you search with your favorite browser for the term Feng Shui or Bagua Map, you will find pages of pictures, diagrams and explanations that will help you utilize a room's small space.
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Home Interior Design Ideas

Interior design ideas are a wonderful place to begin for those who wish to create look that is uniquely their own. For people with a modern taste, it can be exasperating to live with outdated designs or old furniture and it may be hard to know where to begin. Luckily, there are a lot of ways to save cash and upgrade your interiors without huge remodelling or hustling out to buy designer brands. There is no need to throw away heirloom items in favour of IKEA merchandise with no personal significance to your life, as well. No matter how outdated your home interior design is, there can still be hope.

You may not notice it at present, but your historic house can actually have a number of old-world elegance that may be contrasted, with terrific success, with the contemporary accents you wish to use. Crown moulding, door and window frames, structural beams, and other interior design ideas may be refinished and displayed for their classic grace even in the presence of the contemporary furniture. Replacing, refinishing, stripping, and painting hardware are all things that may be at the top of your to-do list to contemporize an old home design.

Hanging light functions may be eliminated in favour of buried lighting as a fast way to carry spaces up to modern style. Consider updating your walls to a monochromatic colour scheme if they are still painted in country blues or retro pales. Bold swashes of colour can be incorporated to relief walls in order to give an exciting vibe and depth on a landing wall or through the unexpected entryway. There is any blend of palettes and textures that can give you a modern space in spite of older accents.

Working with outdated and aged furniture may actually be exciting and fun. There are a lot of interior design ideas to help you change those unattractive artefacts over the week. Among the hardest to update may be the weighty wood furniture, which may be refurnished in a lighter colour in the theme of other contemporary furniture. Decorative or scrolled legs may be simple replaces with a big assortment of straight, neat, modern styles that may also be refurnished in order to meet your satisfaction. To end up the task, eliminate or replace hardware items where possible, selecting less decorative yet highly unique styles. Be bold, your house is packed with interior design ideas.

Upholstery is something that has seen a spectacular transformation in famous style over many years. It does not only become faded and tattered, but the designs and patterns just do not blend in a contemporary setting. It may simply be replaced with crisp fabrics and solid colours for a notable change in look. Very simple patterns or clean stripes may be borrowed from present decoration in order to really unite the space design.

Reusing current items in place of buying new ones is a wonderful way to modernize your look. A lot of designers may even say that sustainability is the irrefutable future of contemporary design.
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Living Room Design

Roomy Living Room Design

Here is the contemporary Residence in the hills above West Hollywood in Los Angeles, California which was designed by Nationally awarded architect Trevor Abramson of Abramson Teiger Architects. This Stunning Porter Residence rests on one of LA’s most breathtaking view lots with 270 degree unobstructed views and offering complette privacy, lawn, infinity edge pool with imported glass tile and spa. The home features 6 bedrooms 6.5 baths, a playroom, and two family rooms, and a gracious open living room. This is a true indoor-outdoor lifestyle and a unique opportunity. Please take a look for the luxury interior design such as the contemporary living room, large bedroom, entertaining room, private mini bar, dining room, large kitchen and also the oriental-style bathroom design from some inspirational photos below.
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High contrast

Do you like dramatic colour schemes? They have too much energy for me to live in, but I certainly find them attractive and I love the edgy a dramatic combination  produces. Contrast always demands attention and there's nothing like a combination of white and black to add high drama to a room.  Getting the colour balance right and finding interesting textures are challenges that must be overcome when you set out to command interest in any room. There can be degrees of contrast in a white/black scheme;  some are toned with the addition of grays or are heightened by the addition of a bold accent colour, some are white with a little black and some are black with a little white..

Perhaps you will be inspired to take the leap and create a white and black decor.  These rooms should provide lots of inspiration. 

front door view to stair contemporary entry
Mark English Architects, AIA

What an entrance!  Don't you wish you could visit this  house? 

And now for the view from the opposite end. 


There's no doubt that the geometric rug is the eye catcher in this design . Even the patterned drapes are forced to play second fiddle! The simple hotel bedding calms down the energy of the room and adds a splash of brightness.

Kelley Proxmire of Kelley Interior Design  creates tailored traditional interiors.  Many of her designs show an "appreciation for the fresh sophistication of white and the daring elegance of black". Strong black walls set the tone for this dramatic bedroom with colourful shell patterned accents.  

And now for the other side of the room.... 
Kelley Interior Design

Christine Ralphs and Michelle Lloyd make up a dynamic design team (Ralphs Lloyd Design) as you can see from the high contrast rooms I've highlighted below. 

 In this one white is the predominant colour with just enough black to provide contrast. The addition of the yellow flowers adds a simple but commanding touch.

Lloyd Ralphs Design

The addition of soft gray white on the walls  of this bedroom provides a soothing backdrop for this mostly white design. The splash of yellow again - just enough to provide a touch of energy.  

Lloyd Ralphs Design

 This is another room anchored by a dramatic area rug.  When you choose something this strong you've already established your future selections.  Note the touch of yellow  in the paintings.

Showhouse contemporary family room
Dillard Design Group, LLC

Red is another colour frequently seen as an accent with white and black. This room has just enough of it for my taste.  Judicious use of red with black is important to prevent that bordello look you probably wouldn't want to have in your house.  Love the artwork. 

Tobi Fairley

 Black with a hint of green in accents is one of my favourite combinations.  Designer Greg Natale  has created beautiful rooms black and white rooms with just touches of green. 

 Greg Natale

When you view the portfolio of Sydney designer Greg Natale  you quickly recognize that he has a way with using black and white and subtle accents of colour.  In this  room it's green in the rug and repeated again in the ferns. 

 Greg Natale

Greg Natale

Have you noticed that one of the elements present in many of these  high contrast rooms is a strongly patterned area rug?

White with some black, black with a little white, white and black with a colour accent... Which do you prefer?

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Choosing bedside tables

I am not fond of bedroom suites  or sets of anything really.  It is so much more interesting to see a well collected room where individual pieces have been thought out  with each piece adding individual notes to the overall design.  The minute you decide not to buy a  complete set you  have to start thinking about what, how many, how high, what colour,  etc.   Wonder no more!  Here are pointers that will help you choose interesting and design friendly furniture for your bedside. 

How High?
Your bedside tables  should not be so low that they look dwarfed by the bed  or so high that you have to reach way up to turn on a lamp. When your tables are the same height as your mattress (my preference) they provide a pleasing visual line all the way across.

AbbeyK, Inc. traditional bedroom
Abbeyk, Inc.

These mirrored cabinets make great bedside tables.  They reflect the colours around them adding additional interest and provide plenty of storage.  The height makes them easily accessible from the bed with tops wide enough to hold lamps and other objects.  Although they are large they do not look large because of the mirrored surface - a great addition to any decor.   
The most important thing to consider is the scale of the table when compared to the bed. If you have a king size bed you need a larger bedside table ranging from 20" - 40" wide.

A table should not be dwarfed by a bed.

Malibu Mediterranean mediterranean bedroom

When you don't have much space it if often better to go without a table .  In this situation the table isn't functional because there isn't any room to place anything on it. 

 A three drawer chest usually works out well as a bedside table for beds that have a higher headboard.  It would not be visually pleasing to have the top of the chest and the headboard the same height.


Bedroom eclectic bedroom

Habachy Designs contemporary bedroom
Habachy Designs

Modular furniture usually has a  bedside table lower than the mattress but the lines of the platform integrate the tables into a cohesive unit.

Do they have to match?

Not in my book.  I think it looks more interesting when bedside tables don't match, but it is more difficult to know what to put together. 

Bedrom traditional bedroom
If you  choose matching bedside tables consider using a padded headboard to break up the matching wood tones.


I like to pair a rectangular table with a round table especially if the bed is near a corner on one side. 

LAS VEGAS home  bedroom

 In this room one of the bedside tables is a  desk which could also convert into a dressing table. Multi-functional furniture provides many options in a smaller home.

What else could I use? 

Centsational girl traditional bedroom
Centsational Girl

The covered table has been around for years but with a glass top it continues to look soft and elegant when paired with more traditional  furniture.

Guest Bedroom. eclectic bedroom
Michelle Hinckley

Shelves attached on either side of a bed is a real space saver in a small room. 

Boys bedroom traditional kids

Trunks and suitcases make great bedside tables.


A coffee table  is a great idea.  I like the way the three photos mimic the three pillows on the bed.  This type of repetition helps to control the scale of the coffee table.

The Urban Un-Martha 

In a country home a high chair does not look out of place as a bedside table.

Canadian Cottage traditional bedroom

Another great option for an informal look is a small kitchen table  with folding sides.  I like the way the lines support the slanted lines of the roof. If I could change one thing I would have a lamp with a little more volume and height.

Summer Home contemporary bedroom

Attaching peeled logs together once cut to a standard length makes a very interesting bedside table.  Depending on where you live this could be a very inexpensive solution especially for a more rustic/cottagey decor.
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